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DBClone is a solution used to quickly create and recreate development and certification environments, as well as databases for extracting reports and running BI ETL routines.

With DBClone you can reduce resource creation and consumption times in creating these environments. This helps increase team productivity and increase return on investment (ROI).

Clones are created from a standby database. How much can be the main, contingency of the company, as well as from an auxiliary standby configured in the development environment or homologation.

Clones consume very little disk space, about 5% to 15% of the size of the production, because they store only the modifications in the origin and the clone during the period in which they are in use.

• Quickly create and recreate development and certification environments, about 10 minutes.
• Low space consumption per clone created, 5 to 15% of the size of production.
• Allows you to create clones from more than one standby bank.
• Create multiple clones from the same standby bank.

• WEB interface for administration and management
• Automatic clone creation scheduling
• Allow scripting execution, shell/sql, pre and post cloning of the database.
• Monitoring and notifications about Clone space consumption
• Supports multiple clones in the same standby
• Supports more than one standby source
• Supports Oracle ASM 11g*/12c and Unix LVM(recomended – low cost, better performance and management)

“*” Oracle did not support it on 11g, just on Oracle 12c Cloud FS


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