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A tool for monitoring production databases providing indicators and alerts on its operation, Thus Avoiding que unexpected situações escate or helping with preventive maintenance, Increasing the service availability. Alert notifications can be sent via email or phone using (SMS).

With DBMonitor you can track in real time the evolution of statistical indicators from the operating system indicators, and Also the expected events from an Oracle database.

Oracle itself has an interesting monitoring tool, but it is not free and its cost is quite high so que makes it unfeasible to purchase.

Thus, the DBMonitor appears as a low cost operation, but where excellent benefit can shed a light about, or in what situation is the database operating.

  • Allows to analyze real-time indicators/counters, database statistics, operating system statistics and wait events.
  • Provides historical and comparative analysis of the indicators/counters.
  • Allows you to set values limits/threshold for each indicator and sending notifications in case of overflow these limits.

Page 1 – Select a server
Page 2 – Select counters
Page 3 – Realtime analysis
Page 4 – Charts
Page 5 – Comparing historical data


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