DBReplay – Online Data Replication

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DBReplay is a tool used to increment contingency plans, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

With DBReplay you create an additional database on another server, or even on another physical site, in a geographically distant point, and replicate all data from the main server as basic standby.

The advantage of DBReplay is that the replicated database is available for querying, thus alleviating the burden of heavy reports in the production environment.

• Relieves the production, allowing multiple heavy reports can be run in this environment
• Allows keep the BI systems with more accurate and updated information (online almost)
✔ Running ETL routines thereof, more often
• Increases the longevity of IT infrastructure investment
✔ With the reports of load distribution and other routines.
• Increase the return on investment (ROI)
Once the standby will no longer be in offline mode, there is now a greater return.
• Simple activation and Fast and 100% guaranteed

• Allows you to define which schemes will be duplicated
• Allows you to create list of exception tables
• Replication Monitoring via WEB


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