Snap – Simple Network Application Platform

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The Snap is a simplified development platform for network applications. Gets its name also alluding to the act of snapping the fingers, because it allows you to create applications very quickly.

With Snap you can develop from small applications to large and medium-sized applications.

The Snap platform comprises of a server (Snap Server), a client (Snap Client), and a development support tool (SnapIDE), with its own development methodology.

Snap Components

SnapIDE is the tool used to develop windows, menus and reports. The development is carried out in modularized form, and each module can access one or more database tables. At the end it is possible to deploy directly on the server SnapServer.

SnapServer is the component responsible for hosting applications and business rules, which will interact directly with the database, performing the operations to be executed by the active module (window, report, or menu) of SnapClient.

SnapClient, finally, is the tool that will connect to the SnapServer and present the defined menu, and will open the windows and reports that make up the system.

From the physical model of the database, empty or populated (with data), you can use the SnapIDE to develop windows, menus and reports. At the end it is possible to deploy directly to SnapServer server. Then you can access the application developed from SnapClient.

• Creation of new simple, fast and efficient systems.
• Creating applications with standardized interface.
• Low staff learning curve.
• papers Separation analysts / designers and programmers.
• Cost-effective.

  • Stored settings in XML format
    Screens, Menus and Reports
    Local renderer
    Concept: Application Browser
    Java-based FX JDK 8.0
    – Runs on PCs, Tablets x86
    Coming in as Mobile Phones
    – Windows or Linux
  •      Communication-Based Web Services (REST)
  •      Runs on Linux or Windows with the same interface.
  •      It can be ported to mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones.


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