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NComputing allows multiple users to share a single computer – all at the same time. As comes out from the package, a PC can be used by multiple users -but not all of the same time. That’s what NComputing vSpace software does. It allows the operating system and computer applications to be shared simultaneously. But how many users can connect their screens and keyboards on a shared computer?

This is the function of the hardware (also known as access devices). And as we design the entire solution – hardware, software and communication protocol that connects the two – NComputing virtual desktops have better performance and lower cost.

• Reduced cost of acquisition and maintenance of computers.
• Reduced energy consumption.
• Reduction of acquiring backup software, anti-virus, since the terminals are virtual.
• Backup policy simplification of resource use and protection viruses and other threats.

• NComputing is the equipment that replaces the PC and connects to the server.
• The VSpace is the layer of software that runs on the server and share resources for NComputing terminals.
• All server applications are shared with clients.
• The server can be on the local network or in the cloud.
• backup and security policy are centralized on the server.
• The equipment has a 3 year warranty and can stay in places without refrigeration.


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