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Often do a check of your current configuration, it becomes very important to answer the questions below:
• Are best practices being adopted?
• Do the current configurations meet the business requirements of the company?
  ◦ Regarding performance, security and availability?
• Is the environment optimized optimally?
• Is my contingency plan adequate?
• Will my backup recover all data in the event of a major crash?

A second opinion, a review, is very important and can be quite enriching, if not crucial to the smooth running of the business.

As such, Abstratos Tecnologia has created a service precisely to meet this demand. This is the Compliance Analysis service, where we use several checklists based on our experience and reputation to assess whether the environment is configured to meet the needs of the company.

• Fine-tuning the policies and strategies adopted and intended
• Increased satisfaction with the results
• Avoiding unnoticed failures to undermine the smooth running of business
• Avoid losses and losses

• Analysis of backup and security policies and strategies
• Analysis of contingency policies and strategies
• Analysis of performance settings


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