DBA Support – Remote and local

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Installation and configuration of database or application servers.
Solving specific problems.
Preventive and proactive environment maintenance.
Planning and monitoring of changes in the environment.

• Ensuring the implementation of backups
• Avoid unexpected downtime database service
• Performance Improvement in the performance of reports and processes
• Reduction of professional costs, most cost-effective option

• Proactive Remote Monitoring database
• Local support remote
• Sending SMS warnings of problems
• Support for multiple databases: Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL, Progress.
oracle microsoftsqlserver postgresql mysqlprogress

We carry out monitoring and monitoring of remotely company database service, the Internet, acting proactively to prevent failure and downtime of services.

We use tools that collect database performance indicators that are passed on to our base of monitoring data.


Light Standard Premium
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Validation Backup
Remote Access
Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
Support Hours 8×5 8×5 24×7
Response Time 24h 12h 4h
Remote Monitoring


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