Performance Tuning

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In companies, it is usually necessary to periodically analyze the performance of infrastructure assets, especially database services. Whether the volume of data increases after a certain period of time, or the volume of access increases as a result of the company’s expansion, or even by applications that have not been optimized for that demand.

Therefore, Abstratos performs this optimization service that includes both possible adjustments to the current database structure as well as recommendations to be implemented in the application in order to improve the performance and productivity of the company.

• Business processes running without delays
• Greater agility for the company
• Reducing costs with new unnecessary ICT infrastructure investments
• Increased return on investment in ICT (ROI)

• Installation of database performance statistics collection tools.
• Cross-referencing of data with our historical base of bechmarks and performance results.
• Analysis of the best method of resolution of the consultations: CBO or RBO.
• Methodology
  ◦ Preliminary analysis of indicators
  ◦ Identification of bottlenecks
  ◦ Change planning
  ◦ Subsequent analysis of the same indicators
  ◦ Comparison of results


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