Backup and Recover 11g

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Duration: 30h
Target: Professionals who want to control and monitor database backup routines, and to make emergency or scheduled restoration.
Requirements: Database Concepts, Basic knowledge of SQL.

Course Objectives

• Review the physical and logical structure of the database
• Understand the differences physical backup and logical database
• Perform backups and restores physical
• Perform backups and restores logical

Shared Server Settings Manipulating Objects
Shared servers
Virtual circuits
 Using the EXPORT tool
Using the IMPORT Tool
Using Tools from 10g Logical Backup
Export Data Pump – expdp
Import Data Pump – impdp
Archive Mode Traditional Physical Backup
Checking Archive Mode
Enabling Database Archive Mode
 Traditional method
Recovery By Traditional Method (Using SQLPLUS) Physical backup with RMAN
Database Recovery in SQLPLUS
Data File Recovery in SQLPLUS
Catalog mode
Nocatalog mode
Full Backup Database
Backup Tablespace
Backup Datafile
Incremental Backup Database
Total Recovery and Partial Using RMAN Full recovery
 Recovery concepts
Full Recovery Database
Some Recovery Data Files
Backup Strategies
Recovery to the point of failure
Incomplete recovery Recovery Scenarios
Based on Time
Based on the SCN
Based on the Log Sequence
 Loss of a Full Tablespace
Loss of a Data File
Loss of All Data Files
Loss Log Inactive File
Loss of a Control File
Backup Tape Rotation Strategy
GFS model (Grandfather, Father, Son)


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