Performance 11g

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Duration: 30 h
Target: professionals who wish to monitor database performance, and to make make adjustments that will provide performance gains.
Equirements: Database Concepts, Basic knowledge of SQL.

Course Objectives

• Know the database architecture
• Manipulating the physical and logical structure of the database
• Set database parameters
• Monitor sessions database
• Creating tables and indexes

Performance Tuning Overview Oracle Tools for Performance Tuning
    Set Performance Goals
Process Performance Tunin
    Oracle Enterprise Manager Web OEM Web
Vision 10g DB Control
Other Tools Oracle Memory Setting
    Oracle Expert Overview
Vision Spot Light
    Adjusting the SGA
Adjusting the PGA
Setting the Shared Server
I/O Tunning Understanding execution plans
    Relocating Tablespaces and Data Files
Decreasing Concurrency in Datafiles
Adjusting Controlfiles
Setting the Log Files Online and Archive
    Identifying FULL Operations TABLE SCAN (FTS)
Identifying Classification Operations/SORT
Using Hints Stabilizing execution plans
    Package OUTLN
Modifying Execution Plans
Managing Oracle Statistics Enabling Traces Tracking Users
    Tables and Indexes statistics
Schemes statistics
Database statistics
System statistics
    By Session Level
By Database Level
Understanding TKPROF Output Optimizer types used by Oracle
    Step Parse, Execute, Fetch
Selecting Sentences More Issues
Using Resource Consumer Groups Using STATSPACK and AWR reports
    Understanding How Execution Plans Work
Creating Plans and Consumer Groups
creating Diretvas
Enabling Plans
Assigning Groups to Users and Sessions
    Understanding the Operation
generating Reports
Interpreting results
Managing Performance on Enterprise Manager WEB
    OEM Web Performance Organization
Identifying Issues
Observing Heavy sessions
Using the Advisor Queries
Using the Auto Advisor – ADDM


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